About us

About us

Welcome to Cypruspine Wrappings

Based in Melbourne, Cypruspine Wrappings is a third generation family owned, operated and independent business, specialising in paper converting, printing, and supplying packaging goods.

Starting back in 1972, Andrew and Pauline Charalambous first established Cypruspine. After running a Fish and Chip Shop, Andy had a vision. Traditionally, all fish and chips was wrapped in printed newspaper. Andy had a dream to make that paper white – without ink. It was then that ‘Whitenews’ was born. Yes! The fish and chip paper you see today all started from this man and this moment!

He further fulfilled his vision by creating a successful manufacturing business, supplying the entire market with whitenews and paper bags. Many customers still recall these ‘good old days’ and remember the loyalty and friendly characteristics of Andrew Charalambous as his legacy lives on.Through these memorable and humble beginnings, Cypruspine Wrappings had now grown to be a leading distributor to the converting, printing, and packaging industry.

Our experienced team at Cypruspine work dynamically with exceptional machinery to produce high quality and consistent products. All of our products are of the highest quality, sourced from leading mills and suppliers. This is teamed up with our friendly, prompt, and conscientious customer service, which we are already recognised for.

The future of Cypruspine is bright, as we are constantly continuing to evolve to meet the needs of our customers and the industry at the highest level.

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