The Quality & Colour Difference

Australian sourced paper is clean and strong which is indicated by being a light cream colour. Eighty percent is pure forest paper, twenty percent recycled.This is the only paper we use, it is hygienic, strong, and visually appealing.

Many other competitors source paper from overseas which is 100 percent recycled paper from commercial and residential paper waste. They try to cut their costs this way, but the result is evident as the paper is greyish blue colour. It is thinner, weaker and not of high quality.

Newsprint is also known as whitenews, removalist paper and butchers paper. It is moisture absorbent and is used mainly by fast food outlets i.e. fish & chip shops, butchers, delicatessens, kindergarderns and removalists.

Newsprint ranges from 45 to 52 g.s.m.

We also can cut special sizes on request.

Description/ Metric size Imperial Size per packet
Newsprint wrapped in plastic 610 x 810mm
24 x 32 inches 15kg
Newsprint wrapped in plastic 405 x 610mm
16 x 24 inches 15kg
Newsprint wrapped in plastic 760 x 540mm 30 x 21 inches 15kg
Newsprint wrapped in plastic 810 x 510mm 32 x 20 inches 15kg
Newsprint wrapped in plastic 405 x 510mm 16 x 20
  • Standard ‘Wn’’ 610x810mm:  50 reams per pallet.
  • Deli 405x610mm: 52 reams per pallet.
  • Blue Strapped Paper: Removalist paper