Other Services

Other Services


We can provide converting of paper, ranging from 25 g.s.m to 600 g.s.m.From cutting greaseproof paper to board, whitenews, brown kraft, gloss, and everything in between.We have excellent sheeting machinery and staff, which ensures time efficiency and minimal wastage.

Dye Cutting

With a selection of over 200 different dyes, we can cut to specific shapes. Examples are salmon boards, cake circles 4’’-15’’, lids for foil containers, kindergarden cardboard shapes, paper shapes etc. Examples are: stars, butterflies, ducks, cats, hearts, bears, circles, and the list goes on.


Every precise dimension can be cut using our guillotine. Again, suitable for nearly all types of paper.

Hole Punching

We have a hole punching machine which punches holes in paper. Suitable for a variety of products.