Oyster Trays and Paper

Oyster Trays and Paper

Oyster trays

Oyster trays are used to hold and store oysters. They are readily used by wholesalers and fish shops/market. They come in two sizes, one dozen, and half dozen. We have Plastic oyster trays in Black and Blue.

Pallet and container quantities are available with specific conditions.We also sell Oyster Boxes to suit in 10 dozen oyster trays.

Description Size Metric Quantity Per Box
Black/Blue Half Dozen (6) 200 x 165mm 800
One Dozen (12) 200 x 320mm 400

Oyster paper

Oyster paper is used to line oysters and used in conjunction with oyster trays. It is water resistant and non breakable, and is 38 g.s.m.

Size in Metric Sheets per Box
252 x 510 mm 2000 sheets

420 x 335 mm

To fit two oyster trays (one dozen size) side by side in oyster box

2000 sheets